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Get More from Your Land Rover

If you own a Land Rover, you drive one of the most capable and storied vehicles on — and off — the road. If you want to truly experience the full capability of your Land Rover, Cole European encourages you to participate in a “Land Rover Experience” outing.

You and Your Land Rover Can Do More Together

The designers and engineers at Land Rover realize that the vast majority of people who choose to own their vehicles do so for their refined versatility and are completely satisfied with how their SUV’s perform under normal, day-to-day driving circumstances. But the folks at Land Rover also realize that the true owner experience can go so far beyond what most customers ever realize. That’s why Land Rover has created an exceptional series of events called “Experiences”.

Land Rover Experiences

There are really two primary reasons to participate in a Land Rover “Experience” event: 1) to have fun and cultivate a much, much deeper appreciation for what you and your Land Rover can do, and 2) to equip you for the unlikely event that you really need to leverage your Land Rover’s capabilities and the next-level driving skills you’ll acquire during one of these events.

The focus of this article is specifically the “Owner’s Days”, which we’ll discuss in a bit more detail in a moment. But there are a range of other opportunities to better understand your Land Rover. These include “Experience Drives”, which are off-road training classes, taught by seasoned driving coaches, ranging in length from 1-hour to a full day; either half- or full-day “Heritage Experience” drives, where participants get to experience the evolution of Land Rover from behind the wheel of a range of vehicles, including the classic Defender 90; and “Advance Driving Programs”, where expert instructors provide specialized training in such skills at winching, vehicle recovery, and trailer handling. For the adventurous Northern California Land Rover owner, we recommend them all!

Land Rover Owner’s Days

Probably one of the most popular starting points for these Land Rover Experiences among our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area is the California Owner’s Days events that take place in beautiful Carmel Valley.

These are 4-hour outings with like-minded Land Rover owners who simply want to better understand their vehicles’ capabilities, see some beautiful countryside, and have a lot of fun. The day begins with a light breakfast and welcome, then moves on to include friendly, expert instruction on how to handle your Land Rover in off-road terrain and some of the advanced technology features that enhance your control over varying landscapes. This will include gaining a comfort level with steep inclines and declines; coping with mud and rutted roads; mild water crossings; introduction to rock crawling; and navigating other obstacles. You’ll then be treated to lunch and an opportunity to share your day’s experiences. Participants will also receive a Certificate of Completion and gift from your hosts.

These introductions to off-roading are for drivers of any experience level, but are specifically structured to acknowledge that most SUV owners have never received bona fide off-road training. Even without the superior off-road capabilities of your Land Rover, this single outing will prepare you with far more knowledge than nearly any other SUV driver on the road. 

Last Event for 2022: August 28

At this late date, there’s a good chance that the final “California Owner’s Days” event for 2022 will already be booked. However, openings may remain and cancelations do occur, so we highly encourage you to at least get in touch with the people at the Carmel Valley Experience Center and discuss the August 28 event and plans for future events. We think that the more you learn about the events, the more likely you are to participate. And, if you participate, we’re certain you’ll develop a far greater appreciation for the investment you’ve made in a genuine Land Rover.

Cole European / Walnut Creek, CA

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