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The Importance of Wheel Alignment

To ensure your Land Rover retains that smooth ride, wheel alignment is essential. A properly aligned vehicle helps your tires last longer and maintains fuel efficiency, saving you money down the road. Many factors can cause wheel misalignment, including frequent off-roading, getting into an accident, hitting potholes or other road hazards, along with normal wear and tear. Even hitting a tall curb can knock your Land Rover out of alignment.

Wheels are in alignment when all four are facing exactly the same direction, measured in camber – tire leaning inward or outward, caster – steering components sloping forward or backward in relation to the struts and toe – which direction the tires are pointing. Land Rover vehicle alignment is averaged for everyday driving.

It’s time for a Wheel Alignment Service for your Land Rover if:

  • Steering wheel is vibrating or off-center
  • Vehicle pulls to one side, especially when you apply the brakes
  • Tires are wearing unevenly
  • Suspension parts have been adjusted or replaced
  • It’s been more than a year or 10,000 miles since your last alignment

Visit the Cole European Land Rover Service Center for a professional wheel alignment if you notice any of the above issues. We use state-of-the-art equipment that is designed specifically for your Land Rover and have a team of experienced, factory-trained Land Rover technicians. So you can be sure you are getting expert care. View our Service Specials and Schedule your Service Appointment online.


The Importance of Wheel Alignment - Cole European Land Rover

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